Windows & Doors

Excellence in Every Pane

Tailored Window Solutions

At Magna Glass, our  windows extends to both residential and commercial sectors, encompassing replacements to new installations. We assure a broad spectrum of windows tailored to your unique requirements. Our doors are designed to complement both your aesthetic tastes and budgetary considerations.

Innovative New Constructions

Engaging in a new construction or contemplating an addition? Allow us to be your guide, illuminating choices in style, efficiency, and value. Our expertise isn’t limited to homes alone. We cater to commercial entities, be it office spaces, retail fronts, or restaurants. Acknowledging the essence of your time and resources, we strive to provide efficient guidance, ensuring a seamless transition from idea to reality.

Efficient Window Replacements

Considering replacing your single pane leaky/drafty old aluminum window and doors for high performance and energy efficient Anlin Windows and Doors?  We’re here to educate and guide you through the simple process.  We will meet you at your home and review available options so you can make an educated decision for you and your family.  Numerous Magna Glass Clients have reaped the benefits of Anlin’s high Performance Windows and Doors Installed by our installment team.

Historical Restorations with a Modern Touch

Crafted to harmoniously blend with mid-century aesthetics, our windows and doors effortlessly complement all home styles. Whether you’re cherishing a classic vibe or embracing a modern design, Magna ensures a seamless fit and timeless appeal. Experience the perfect balance of elegance and functionality with Magna.